The Republic Of Cospaia


- The Republic of Cospaia -

A fantasy database for Football Manager

The Republic of Cospeia was a small state within modern-day Italy which was an indepent nation from 1440 - 1826.
It unexpectedly gained independence in 1440 after Pope Eugene IV, embroiled in a struggle with the Council of Basel, made a sale of territory to the Republic of Florence. By error, a small strip of land went unmentioned in the sale treaty and its inhabitants declared themselves independent. The nation was known as a anarchist state, as there where no taxes, and it grew rich from its tobacco production.

In this fantasy universe The Republic of Cospeia has risen from its ashes, and become a developed modern country.
Its now up to you to build this nation in Football Manager, and to bring glory to this great nations club teams as well as their national team.

The Republic of Cospeia is now a playable nation in Football Manager, with 3 league tiers, (Cospaia Serie A, Serie B and Serie C.) Domestic cup competitions and awards, with rivalries and derbies. 64 new teams have been created, from a total of 25 new cities, which are divided into ten local regions. 63 new stadiums have been added, and the nation also has its own language, flag, weather systems, domestic media sources, journalists and agents. With more than 1000 created staff members, more than 5000 created players, with player, club and league history, and last but not least uniquely designed club badges and kits for all the 64 Cospeian league teams. 
The world outside of Cospeia has also changed a great deal. Teams have been switched around from top to bottom divisions, two teams from the Scottish Premier League has joined the English Premier League, and three teams from the Portuguese Primera has joined the Spanish Primera Division.

I have cleared the entire database, and re-populated all nations with new players.
All player names have been randomized, and all the player attributes have been switched around so you won't regognize any irl players.

Get ready to conquer the world of football in this parallel universe.